A Visit to Patrick Roger Chocolate (Video)

Recently I visited the laboratory of master French chocolatier Patrick Roger. His shops in Paris are some of my favorite places to swoon over chocolate and it was wonderful to have the chance to step behind-the-scenes and watch him make his extraordinary confections and impressive chocolate sculptures, as well as visit his garden and apiary.

(To view the video in a larger format, you can watch it at Vimeo.)

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  • Very kind of them to have let you inside their “laboratoire”.
    Have you ever thought about visiting Jacques Genin’s chocolate and pastry shop in rue de Turenne?
    Provided you ask beforehand, they will also let you visit their lab on the first floor….

  • All I can say is WOW! What a serious passion behind his craft, I loved every minute of the film.

  • i love how they hand make their chocolates. i’ve never heard of Patrick Roger until now but i really hope to visit the shop one day now. great video :-)

  • The sculptures are absolutely breathtaking.

  • pure and simple magic. thanks for this video – i’ve always died to visit paris, now i’m dying to visit paris and patrick roger’s fantasic chocolate shop.

  • You cruel cruel man! I just started my spring-diet!

  • Amazing David! Thanks for sharing! Please, I want some more :D

  • Lovely production qualities on that video. I don’t recall seeing a similar one before, but I admit I’m a new follower of your blog. Would love to know the back story. Will there be more? Perhaps during return visit to the mountains of the Jura? ;)

  • Lol! You “tutoyer”‘d him! I have such an awful time with that, “tu” just seems to slip out at the worst times. I’m sure he was understanding, if it was even mentioned. (I always end up blushing and apologizing when I tutoie someone I shouldn’t.)

    Great video–I’m really hoping you’re planning on more to come.


  • David, you must have done something really good in a previous life, to be able to live where you do, and do what you do. This is my idea of heaven! Such beautiful work at Patrick Roger! Or should I say, “pas mal.”

  • I truly enjoyed this video; I’ve always wanted to see a true artisan work! I love that everything is about feedback from the workers and really taking that into consideration and to heart when making the chocolate. If it was available in Colorado I’d buy it all the time!

  • Great video! Enjoyed the tour and now I have to get me some chocolate. Stat!

  • Thank you for sharing this link.


  • Ok, now I have watched the video, excellent work. I particularly liked the bees and hives, and would love to eat the Berlin Wall.


  • Wonderful insider view of such a creative chocolatier!
    I love his ‘bees’

  • I love this man! I was addicted to his Orangettes when I lived in Paris. I am excited that he is getting the exposure that he so deserves. Cheers.

  • The European way of starting a career versus endless University stints is so different.
    True craftsmen are worth it. Would it ever work in North America?

  • SO great to see you in video! Thanks for sharing. Loved it!

  • david, keep the videos flowing. Really enjoyed seeing you in action discussing food. Brought it to life. Webvideo personality here you come!

  • Amazing! Those chocolate sculptures are incredible. His shop is already on my list to visit in October. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Always great to get a peek inside and see the way things are made.

  • David, This is fantastic!!! Thank you for the tour!
    The video is beautiful as well, and the laboratory is PAS MAL DU TOUT!

  • Sigh…can’t wait to go back. What a lovely video, great job. :) Or, is it , “Pas mal” ?

  • Impressive! Well done. Can’t wait to go back to Paris.

  • Wow, that chocolate looks incredible…just added to the ever growing list of spots to visit in Paris in a couple of weeks. Thank you :)

  • I love video almost as much as I love chocolate.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank You! I was transported, what a gift!

  • A wonderful video. One wants to eat you too David.

  • Ah David what a fantastic video! Loved every second of it.

    (Hope you make more!!)

  • David, I love your blog! Thanks for the video. The first time I lived in Paris, I couldn’t miss this shop because there was a life size Rugby player all made of Chocolate in the window, this was during the world Rugby Cup. I was so impressed I had to go in try this wonderful Chocolate. The only thing missing from your video is the wonderful smell of the shop :-)…….Oh well, I still have all my memories. I just moved back to the states after living in France for a year and truly miss it, but I am glad to have you there sharing your experiences with all of us.

  • The idea of going into any store in Paris with my high school (lifetime ago) French terrifies me. Trying to order what I’d always assumed would be fussy, fusion chocolates that would ultimately disappoint seemed like a waste. But this, THIS, I could do. I love how focused Monsieur Roger is on his customers and the quality of his creations.

    And even if I could only point at a large box and grab another box of those gorgeous blue shiny things, I can smile, hand over my American Express card and say “Merci mille fois,” because I’m thinking that’s how much doing so would cost. And it would be worth every centime, sou or Euro. Thank you!

  • David,Thank you so much for this video. It brought back great memories of my last trip to Paris. After I heard you speak at the American Library, I visited his shop and loved buying the caramels and the Feuilleuntine ! I need to go back badly !!

  • I’m a new follower, and I loved this video, the chocolate sculptures, especially.

  • Thanks for the video. It was good to see how a true chocolatier at work especially when he wanted good and bad feedback to improve his product. Great efforts

  • Make more videos! I went to the Vimeo site to see this one and noticed the other one too. Both are wonderful. Please, please do some more.

  • Beautiful video! It’s great to see the words and pictures that we love to follow in action.

  • Great video. It’s nice to see someone so dedicated. The only thing I have to disagree with you about is when you said ‘no one makes a cake and then just eats it themselves…’ ahem I have been known….(hahaha)

  • This video was perfect timing as I just finished your book (which I loved btw). Your experience at Patrick Roger was one of my favorite chapters. Just priceless. Mr Roger’s garden was amazing, as was his sculptures. I have a suggestion for your next video. How about Poilane?!

  • You are so lucky !!!! Thank you for sharing the video. This will definitely be on the list during my next visit.

  • Tremendous. You should do more of these! You have great on-camera presence.

  • That was fantastic, I had a smile on my face the entire time. I’d love to see more of your and your videos, well done!

    I loved the walk through his garden, his attention to detail, and the fact that he has bee hives. Brilliant!

  • Very well done video; the resolution is stellar and the editing very nicely done. Most enjoyable!

  • Wow!!! amazing!!!! Thank you .. I wish I was there !!!!

  • Am glad you all liked the video and I had a great time doing it. Big thanks to the talented Mark Ryan of Flow-Films who produced it.

    (He was amply rewarded with chocolate that day – as was I!)

    The honey is truly exceptional and if you go and they have the domes filled with honey, they are outstanding. Patrick is such a nice guy and very “open” in a way that true masters of their craft are. It really is a special place and his personality comes through with his sculptures.

    Thanks for all your comments about the video! -david

  • |OMG…….. do you think this young chocolate man would consider marrying me. I’m REALLY OLD but clean up well!!! And love CHOCOLATE. The carmels look like the best in the world.

    What an amazing store and operation. It is so thrilling to see professionals in their job doing things so perfectly. It would be lovely if everyone took their job so seriously.

    Thanks so much for all your great news David.


  • I agree with many above–more videos! I visited the shop while living in Paris and became hooked on the chocolate-covered ginger. The first one was, “Eww,” the second one was, “Oh,” and the rest were gone. I tried to buy more before we left, but alas, they were out.

  • Longtime reader, first time poster- I just wanted to say how much I loved this video! Wonderful!

  • Wonderful video, thanks David. I am waiting for more videos too…

  • Fantastic video! What an amazing experience. Why only c’est pas mal and not say it is good in French?


  • Seeing those chocolates and the way they are crafted soothed my soul after a difficult day. Thank you!!!!

  • David, David, David, Merci! I so enjoyed the video and all of the green boxes – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you.

  • I would definitely watch you on TV, you have a way with the camera. Great video, thank you for this!

  • Wonderfully done David.
    At 48, I am going back to school, to become a Pastry Chef. I just paid my tuition today, in fact, so that I can start in April. Seeing people like you (and Patrick Roger, of course) only affirms what I already believe: that “the sweet life” is going to be fabulous. Hard work, but worth it!

  • Awesome video!!!
    I enjoyed it so much; it is so nice, and you a wonderful host, maybe you should start thinking about a TV show were you take us all to see what hapens behind the food we love.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Another busy day here at home. This video is just the ticket for me to take a break while the corned beef brisket boils. Thank you so much!

    Carolyn Z

  • Fabulous video ! This was on my list on a recent visit…but sadly didn’t. Definitely next time. PS–very much enjoyed your book/Sweet Life in Paris; only complaint is that it ended much too soon :)

  • Watch the wonderful ‘Kings of Pastry’ movie for a look at the process which awards MOF’s! For the first time cameras were allowed in and followed a French patissier working in Chicago through the competition. Amazing.

    • That is an excellent film. They showed it on television here and I was riveted…much more than I thought I would be!

  • David, even though I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning, this video catapulted me head over heels in love with you even more. Thank-you for being who you are.

  • Oh, I could just live in here. Thank you for the visual treat!

  • Beautiful craftsmanship. I loved your comment about the employees not being college students or actors–that they were doing what they wanted to do for their entire career. Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  • Bravo on the new venture, David. I enjoyed the video tremendously. As a mark of your craftsmanship, I will just say that I didn’t think I wanted to spend 7.5 minutes looking at a web video–but at the end it was like a wonderful piece of chocolate, I was left wanting more!

  • This video blew my head off; it was so well done. And yes, I agree with everyone else. Make more for us to watch because this one was a lot of fun.

  • So great to see you in a video – I kept saying to myself “so that is what he looks like, sounds like, acts like . . . and he looks like he would be a lot of fun!”

    Thank you for being such a great teacher and sharing what you know – we all learn so much from you.

    I ordered your book btw, and it should arrive next week and I look forward to reading it!

  • I forgot I had one question: how do you get people e.g. chocolatiers to agree to let you come visit behind the scenes and be filmed?

  • Stoich91: I think they use “Pas mal” (“not bad”) because overly generous enthusiasm is much more reserved in France than in the US. There’s less optimism, but the flip side is when someone says – “J’adore ça!” (“I adore that!”) then you know you’ve really scored points with them!

    Wendy: It can be tricky however I’ve known his sister for a while, and he’s extremely open about what he does and likes to show it to people. Unlike some of the other places (such as Ladurée, etc..) he says it’s great when people take pictures in his shop because he likes it that people are delighted by what he does. That’s what makes him a true master, in my opinion – he has nothing to hide.

    (When I worked at Chez Panisse, guests were always encouraged to come in the kitchen to see what we were doing. Why not?)

    Charleston: Funny you said that because I told Mark, who produced the film, that generally three to five minutes is maximum for an online video. He wrote back that he had 45 minutes of great footage and due to his talent, he was able to edit it down so nicely & keep it interesting.

    Brook: It’s pretty hard work and I think M. Roger has done an excellent job of combining hard work with having fun with it all. The people who work with him have been there a while, which is always a good sign. Best of luck with your pastry studies!

  • Very nice – bien fait! David, was this the shop in the 16th? Just curious what the “other” salted caramel you were referring to as you were taste testing M Roger’s

  • This was lovely. There is something grand, truly great, about the practice and execution of craft that we so often overlook in the day-to-day of things. Truly superb.

  • So frustrating! I’m in a serious case of chocolate envy and I can’t watch the video. Our internet is playing up and videos are just refusing to load…….

    One thing Spain has in common with France is the very expensive telephone service and slow (internet) speeds in a lot of places. Trying to sort out these things has taken us around 6 months so far….

  • Thank you for sharing that. I have been in quite a few large chocolate factories when my family was in the chocolate business but it’s interesting to see how a smaller producer uses the technology that is out there to make outstanding artisan chocolates.

  • wonderful video! I really enjoy watching what can be made out of chocolate … It’s fantastic that they use all these self-grown herbs and the honey.

    David, is it possible that I quote you saying “Nobody makes a cake and eats it all for themselves.” in my next post? (Of course I would link back to your video)

  • Pas mal, Pas mal, but as an uruguayan I would really like to know the story behind the “Alvaro Uruguay” written on the Berlin wall hahaha

  • That was wonderful, like a chocolate postcard from France!

  • I am a chocolate addict. I love the dark chocolate with cranberries. At Patrick Roger, I would try one of the bees made with chocolate.

  • What a fun video David! I can only imagine how wonderful all those lovely confections smelled and tasted. Very well produced (and hosted, I might add). Pas mal!

  • Wow, your life is amazing, the video was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing everything that you do.

  • What a treat it is to see you walking and talking–very elegant!

    I love hearing about someone like this who is so passionate about every aspect of his work–from the garden and the bees to the experimental flavors, the big sculptures to the tiny shells, even the little extras in the chocolate boxes. It speaks of a love for what he’s doing and a professionalism that goes way beyond just being in business. That kind of hard work and dedication really creates magic.

    And now, please, I want another film that follows the building of one or two of those sculptures from beginning to end. It was a little frustrating to keep getting glimpses of them and never completely explore one from all angles–such a wonderful tease!

  • Fascinating video and you look so happy to be around all that chocolate! Love the big round “globe” lights in the shop that look like they were made out of string. Do you know what they are actually made of?

  • David-Thanks so much for the video. We visited Paris for the first time in October 2010, and happened to visit Patrick Roger’s chocolate shop. We brought a nice big box home with us, along with a bag of the caramels. The flavors were so unique and just delicious. This video brought back lots of good memories.

  • David, you’re just as entertaining, if not more, in your videos. We loved watching it (yes, everyone in my house reads your blog). Looking forward to more such tours of foodie spots in Paris.

  • Loved it. Now can you do a video with Jacques Genin?

  • Lovely! And the video wasn’t tooooo fattening!

  • Appreciate the effort put into making this video. Pls do post more!

  • Thank you for the video! You should do more videos! It was very great!

  • Fascinating and beautiful to watch, thank you. Having just toured TCHO in San Francisco, I was struck by the lack of hairnets. Not bothered at all but just a little surprised.

  • Love Patrick Roger. Love just going in the shop and just inhaling. Love that he has a shop just a 10-minute walk away from my apartment–and he’s actually there on a regular basis! My family mocks me for venerating him like a rock star…but they don’t complain when I bring the chocolate home.
    The video was fun to watch and very informative. I hope to see more!

  • Such a pleasure to join you on your tour of Patrick’s on St. Patrick’s Day! It was so interesting to see the people, laboratory, garden and shop – just love those bees.
    And the lovely packaging…..from start to finish, it is wonderful to see people who have such pride and passion in their craft.
    Thank you.

  • Hi there…

    Just finished “The Sweet Life in Paris.” thank you for sharing your Parisian life with the world…and for the laughs…

    Also, thanks for the wusthof knife recommend…great knife….

    Next time you come to the Dallas Texas area I hope you get a chance to check out “Dude, Sweet Chocolates” in the Bishop Arts area…the young woman there is amazing and very creative…

    Take care,


  • David, wonderful to see you . You are so personable , easy to like and passionate about food. Great on video as in print, yes, it comes through.

  • Funny how much people swoon over chocolate sculptures. I appreciate the intense work and detail involved, but what really makes me swoon are baked goods, such as the ones David bakes. I have just never liked the idea of someone handling and touching something I’m going to eat THAT much. I don’t like dogs in the kitchen either. I know – I have some idiosyncrasies. A good chocolate hazelnut ganache cake – now that will make me swoon!

  • Thank you so much! i love being able to have a visit from my home in austin, tx. more videos, please!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Patrick Roger’s chocolate lab and shop. Thank you for the tour, David. You present well, relaxed, with a good pace and tone of voice. Do more videos, please! It’s pleasing to see people working at what they love to do. The chocolates look delectable, and it’s fascinating to see how they are crafted. I love that they have their own garden and apiary too! Their shop is one I’d love to visit if I were there, but as it is I’m admiring from Canada.

  • Great little film! I just finished “The Sweet Life in Paris” so this was perfect timing. I can’t wait to visit in July.

  • I LOVE Patrick Roger Chocolates!Home of the famous Lime handpainted chocolates! I visited him late last year on my honeymoon with my husband. Absolutely divine! A true master :)

  • I loved the video- you should definitively do more of them! I’been at Roger’s shop, and yes, that little pieces of chocolate are fabulous. I think the chocolatier métier is one of the most difficult ones in the culinary world- take an ingredient special and delicious for itself like chocolate and take it to the next level, giving it textures and balanced combinations of flavours to make it an exquisite experienece is not something easy… Next week I’ll attend a chocolate confectioning workshop, as I want to create my own Easter Eggs to put on my blog (thinking Brazilian flavours like spicy banana with praliné and a more “French approach” like griotte ganache with cardamom…) and the video was inspiring… Congrats!

  • You and Mark did a fantastic job with this video. It is like the Santa’s Workshop of chocolate. One of the best things about your blog is having a behind the scenes look at the food world in Paris. And of course, the amazing recipes. Many thanks – yet again!

  • Thanks for explaining. I love your blog; even though I’ve never been to Paris, you offer so much culture here that I feel I have!

  • David thank you so much for this. I am in Paris now and just walked down the street and passed this amazing chocolate chicken in the window. As I was walking back I saw Patrick Roger’s name on the storefront. I realized I know who this is, because of your blog post and fantastic video. This is why I love reading your blog and laughed out loud reading your book. I will be going back tomorrow to Monsieur Roger’s store to buy a box of chocolates.

  • My parents and I are in Paris this week and I saw your video on Patrick Roger’s factory before I left L.A. last month. Being an avid chocolate lover I was immediately intrigued. I also read the review by C. Dusoulier in the book that you recommended and so I knew I had to stop by this chocolate shop. After relaxing at Jardin du Luxembourg, Mom and I started the trek to Patrick Roger. We finally got there after a lunch at Paul’s and buying post cards. I was excited to try the salted caramel (in your video), but sadly, they didn’t offer it today. However, I left with a big bag of various other caramels and a sample box of chocolates. I’m in love with the “candy bar” with pistachios. Thank you immensely for the video and recommendation. I will share them with my friends!

  • Great post David. I happen to be studying in the South of France and will be in Paris next week. I love that even Patrick is still eager to perfect his recipes and is open and willing to hear public critiques on his chocolate. I have no doubt that they are anything but outstanding and look forward to visiting one of his shops next week.

  • Excellent video, you’re very good at explaining things around you. Please do more.