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My Paris Kitchen is now available in a variety of formats for electronic devices, including:

Amazon Kindle

Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble Nook


Google Play




    • Ford Cornell

    Just downloaded my copy. This is a great deal for us; can’t wait to dive in. Thanks so much.

    • John

    Just downloaded a copy on Apple iBooks for $1.99 and I’m in Canada so it’s not just the US! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Marguerite C

    David, what a nice surprise, thank you so much!

    • Mary

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much — I have The Sweet Life already in my kindle; I am thrilled to have this as well!

    • toro

    Thanks David – just downloaded my Kindle copy.

    For those who wish to download the Kindle format – note that you’ll only see the 1.99 price tag when you’re logged into your Amazon account.

    ~ toro

    • Posemn

    Thank you so much! Love to follow your blog. This is quite a treat!

    • Lisa

    Thank you! My time standing in line or sitting in waiting offices just got a lot tastier! :)

    • Shannon

    Excellent news! I immediately ordered and can’t wait to get home to browse the book after work!

    • Seanna

    Just bought a copy! Thank you!

    • Barbara Lane

    Thank you!! Moving to Mexico so not sure about sourcing ingredients yet but how lovely to have this treasure regardless!

    • ron shapley

    OMG….Dave, you made my day….and that’s not just a figure of speech. I am thrilled. I just bought your wonderful book on Amazon. What a thrill.. Of course it doesn’t compare to actually holding and paging through the hard copy, but it does make me kind of cocky that I own your book for 1.99 !! Thank you…….thank you……..thank you !!!

    • Janice

    Purchased! I’m so excited to “crack it open.” haha

    • kathleen murray

    That was great – Thank you!!
    Your fan – Kathleen

    • Papersitter

    I just bought my copy! Thank you, David!

    • Adrianne

    Thank you so very much for this gift. I’ve been wishing for your newest book after beginning to enjoy your blog, but I’ve restrained myself due to lack of space. At this price it takes up no space at all and once I have enough space I can indulge and buy the hard copy as well!

    • Tracy

    Can anyone please share the code for purchasing the $1.99 Kindle copy on Amazon? I have been unable to find it online. Thanks!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      No code is necessary. If you are logged into your Amazon account, the $1.99 price for My Paris Kitchen should be visible. (I just checked and it is showing that price for me.) If not, and you’re logged into your Amazon account (from a U.S. internet address), contact Amazon customer service for assistance.

        • Martin Jobs

        “(from a U.S. internet address)” I’m in the UK with both a UK and US amazon account (yup, naughty naughty). I was able to buy the US Kindle version for $1.99 via my US Kindle from here in the UK but my UK kindle shows the price as £14.29 or $20.25 :(

        I have your book so I don’t feel too bad.

        Will there be a sequel?

    • Natalia

    Hi, I just wanted you to know that I am making a dinner in Eataway system (“underground restaurants) as a kind of “tribute” to you and your recipes from 4 of your books. It is already fully booked (for 8), so if you fell your ears burnig this Thursday, it will be just me and my guests in Warsaw! Thanks for your books, stories and recipes :) (The Duck Terrine with Figs is in oven right now)

    • Judith

    I just downloaded the book for $1.99 at the Istanbul airport through my Amazon account. I’m on my way back to France, where the deal will likely be blocked. Something fun for the plane.

    • Sue V.

    Can you hear me screaming all the way from a small town along the coast of Maine! I love a deal, wish it was in book form but hey I won’t complain. Love your blog and recipes, (they have never failed, ever). So glad I had nothing special to do but check out your blog today or I might have missed this.

    • Paloma

    I downloaded the book since I have been sick in bed for the last couple of days. This helped get over my fever, sinus headaches and laryngitis. I enjoy reading your blog. I am starting to get my strength back, can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

    • Chris J

    Hmm. I was quite happy to get your dessert cookbook in Bacolod in the remaindered section for about $3US and it looks like a very useful book.

    When I viewed your general cookbook being offered for $1.99, I must admit that the recipes seemed sorta…unfrench to me. Or sorta ordinary, in other words. Such was my impression at the time. Please don’t take it personally…I enjoy your blog and yr other books well enough, but still…at $1.99 I’d have grabbed it if I had known.

    • Claire

    Great book! What a bargain. I just made the salted caramel chocolate mousse, and it’s looking perfect.
    Next project, I might try a version without the chocolate..


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