Happy Birthday!

C’est mon anniversaire!

Never miss a post!


  • Lisa T.
    December 27, 2006 2:57am

    Bonne anniversaire David! You make our days more interesting with your blogs about lost chickens, buying jeans, and some great recipes. Take the day and celebrate. You deserve it!

  • Eyal
    December 27, 2006 3:30am

    Happy birthday David, lots of happy moments and best wishes.

  • December 27, 2006 3:36am

    Bon Anniversaire David!!!


  • December 27, 2006 3:38am

    Auguri! Have a nice day and a nice new year of your life!

  • Judith in Umbria
    December 27, 2006 3:53am

    You might be, you just might.

  • Magda
    December 27, 2006 4:00am

    A very happy birthday and happy blogging in 2007!

  • December 27, 2006 4:03am

    Have a big one David. It’s my son’s and my sister’s birthday today too :)

  • December 27, 2006 4:03am

    happy birthday and best wishes !

  • December 27, 2006 4:08am

    Well bust my britches, happy birthday, David!

  • December 27, 2006 7:36am

    Have a great birthday. Treat yourself to something yummy.

  • December 27, 2006 8:10am

    Happy Birthday
    Bon Anniversaire
    Mazal Tov
    .. keep beeing the Best!

  • December 27, 2006 8:55am

    Happy Birthday David. I appreciate you and love your blog~
    martha in dreary ny
    ps-also my grandmere’s bday-she is 88!!

  • December 27, 2006 8:56am

    Happy Birthday David. I appreciate you and love your blog~
    martha in dreary ny
    ps-also my grandmere’s bday-she is 88!!

  • December 27, 2006 10:35am

    Have a great birthday. Do exactly whatever you feel like doing all day long!

    Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and I have a little surprising coming for him on my blog. Payback can be so sweet. (Do you have any older sisters who used to dress you up in their bikinis and sunglasses and who still have the photos to prove it?)

  • December 27, 2006 11:27am

    I hope you laugh so hard you snort really loudly an have to slap your thigh. That’s a damned fine way to celebrate a birthday. Oh, also some loving, some chocolate, and some wine. Those aren’t bad either.

    Happy Birthday, David!

  • Gary
    December 27, 2006 11:57am

    Yikes. How quickly my French is fading these days. That would be Bon anniversaire. FWIW. ;*)

  • Sil (Bs As)
    December 27, 2006 12:10pm

    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!! Enjoy!!!

  • Hedgie
    December 27, 2006 12:21pm

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your fabulous work on the blog; I really enjoy reading it.

  • December 27, 2006 12:34pm

    happy happy birthday david~! wreak some birthday havoc on those cold paris streets. :)

  • December 27, 2006 12:35pm

    Bon Anniversaire!

  • December 27, 2006 12:51pm

    Happy Birthday, David! A little jojo bird gave us the heads-up the other day about your anniversaire. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  • Janet
    December 27, 2006 1:05pm

    Happy Birthday David. Enjoy it.
    (mine was the 18th)

  • Janet
    December 27, 2006 1:05pm

    Happy Birthday David. Enjoy it.

  • December 27, 2006 1:25pm

    Feliz cumpleanos, David! Thanks for all your wonderful posts and words of wisdom (especially about the No-Knead Bread, because I thought I was the only one on earth who had trouble with it), and here’s to many more…

  • December 27, 2006 1:57pm

    Bonne anniversaire! May this year be the most delicious yet!

  • December 27, 2006 2:46pm

    Tanti Auguri to the sweetest guy in Paris!

  • December 27, 2006 4:12pm

    Joyeux anniversaire. Champagne alors ? Ca te fait combien de rides ? ;-)

  • Meryl
    December 27, 2006 7:08pm

    Bon Anniversaire, David. Beaucoup de joyeux avec beaucoup de chocolat, vin, gateaux, et bons amis! (Pardon mon francais – ce n’est pas bon)!

  • Nancy
    December 27, 2006 7:28pm

    Happiest of Happiest of days. You make our days happy, so you deserve it. From no need to make no knead bread to where to go for the best bread in Paris, you are always a treat to read. Have a wonderful New Year, filled with information and advice you can bring to us, your fans!

  • December 27, 2006 8:41pm

    happy birthday david!!!

  • December 27, 2006 8:42pm

    Happiest of happy birthdays, David! I’m laughing that the advertisement under today’s photo is for Jenny Craig. Must be the low-cal desserts. Um. Anyway… bonne anniversaire. You ARE the best!

  • JD
    December 27, 2006 8:45pm

    Happy Birthday David…May you have many more Birthdays to come and good health.


  • kirin
    December 27, 2006 9:33pm

    Joyeux anniversaire David!!! Passes une belle journée et amuses-toi bien. Voeux de Santé & Bonheur te parviennent de Montreal,Canada.
    Merçi pour ce beau blog, toujours intéressant.

  • December 27, 2006 11:41pm

    Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

  • December 28, 2006 9:59am

    Bon anniversaire David ! How old are you? 18 ou 19 ans?? And a happy new year too, of course.

  • Val
    December 28, 2006 11:54am

    Yeah, hooray! Happy birthday…always my favorite holiday!

  • Debbie
    December 28, 2006 3:36pm

    I can’t believe no one’s asked this yet: WHAT KIND OF CAKE DID YOU MAKE?????

  • Spencer
    December 28, 2006 11:00pm

    Happy Belated Birthday, David!!!

  • Alisa
    December 29, 2006 11:51am


  • Lesley
    December 30, 2006 10:01am

    Oooh, i missed this one! Happy Birthday to you! Hope you indulged…


  • December 31, 2006 11:45pm

    Oh my gosh, my birthday is the same as Elvis and my sister’s is the same as yours…I’d gladly trade, you’re the king in my book. Where would I love to be on New Years Eve? Here on your blog of course!

  • January 8, 2007 11:13am

    I hope you had the happiest of happy birthdays, and that you will be blessed with many, many more to come. And I hope that you’ll continue regaling us with your wit and wisdom until you’re too frail to sit upright at a keyboard!