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Maïs… Oui!



    • Richard AB

    You like this stuff? Where does it say its made? Certainly not in El Paso!

    • Meg

    David, I’m pretty sure you can still get corn (and flour) tortillas at Mexi & Co in the 5th (rue Dante). They are frozen, but much much tastier than OEP tortillas!

    • Alisa

    You see, it’s not just me that doesn’t want you to eat THAT!

    As mentioned before, I have a freezer, half full (or half empty if you choose to see it that way) of corn tortillas. I am happy to share :)

    • David

    Actually (gulp) I don’t mind Ye Olde El Paso so much. Sorry Richard, maybe it was just the excitement of finding them at Auchan–although as you can see, I haven’t opened the package yet…so “Opinions Expressed Are Subject to Change”! I’ve walked by the Mexican place on rue Dante but Mexican Food experiences in Paris have not been rewarding. (But I dare you to find a good baguette in Mexico…)
    Ok, let’s swap a bag of frozen Ocean Spray cranberries, from my jammed freezer, for frozen corn tortillas.

    • Gail

    Looks like that bag needs a good food stylist and photographer.

    • David

    Hi Gail: Everyone else is remarking about the contents…you’re more interested in the packaging! (I don’t know why it came out kinda that scary greenish color..I guess that’s kind appropriate.) Next time I’ll call Michael!


    • JP

    Thanks of the tip. Im going straight to Rue Dante.
    And of course you CAN find good baguettes in Mexico! Just go to El Globo, La Europea, or a nice little specialty store in El Mercado de Coyoacán!!!


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