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Leaning into the world of live, online presentations, chats, and interviews, I’ve got several lined up in the next few weeks. Some are free and others are ticketed. Please check the time zones where you live and confirm with the websites or venues to confirm times (because it’s a challenge for me to keep track of multiple time zones), and you’re welcome to contact the venues for additional information or registration assistance. Looking forward to seeing you!


April 17 (tomorrow!): I’ll be in conversation with my friend Reem Kassis about her new book, The Arabesque Table from 2-3pm ET. I made the Halvah from Reem’s new book (which was amazing) and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the subject of the book with her. To register for this free chat, click here.

April 19: One of my favorite guests from Instagram Live Apéro Hour is back! Join us as she makes one of my very favorite cocktails from her bar in Paris at 6pm CET/Paris time (Noon ET, 9am PT)

April 20: I’m back with the San Francisco Baker’s Dozen, from my old stomping ground, with an online baking demo taking place 9:45am PT. It’s free for members. Register here.

April 26: Join me for a live seminar on French Apéritifs: History, Context, and Culture online with Context Conversations, 5pm ET. Register here.

April 28: Instagram Live Apéro Hour with Ben Hagen of Slope Cellars talking about French apéritifs and spirits. He’ll also share one of his favorite cocktail recipes. 4pm ET.

[Context is offering a special link that will give first-time customers 20% off here. Or you can apply the discount code DLEBOVITZ20 at check out for the discount.]


May 1: I’ll be the guest (and host!) for an online brunch with the Alliance Française of Boston, with drinks and discussion at 11am ET. Register here.

May 3: Join me as I’ll be in conversation with Brad Thomas Parsons and Renee Erickson, talking about her wonderful new book, Getaway at 4pm PT. More information and registration here.

May 4: I’ll be on Instagram Live Apéro Hour with Current Cassis talking about their new, American-made blackcurrant liqueur. 5pm ET

May 9: I’m very excited to have an in-person booksigning for Drinking French at Slope Cellars in Brooklyn, NY from 2-3:30pm ET. The event will be outside (weather permitting) and appropriate safety protocols will be in place, including wearing masks and distancing. (French Drinks Bar Boxes available too! See below.)


June 3: I’ll be in conversation, online with food writer Alec Lobrano celebrating his new book, My Place at the Table. We’ll be talking about his life in Paris, some of his favorite best restaurants in the city…and more! Register here.

June 9: If you’ve ever wanted to write about food, or if you already write about it, I’ll be talking to Dianne Jacob author of Will Write for Food about the revised 4th editor of her book. Registration soon on the calendar at Book Larder.

And…they’re back!

Drinking French Bar Boxes

The Drinking French Bar Boxes are now back in stock, and each includes a bookplate-signed copy of Drinking French as well as a specially-curated selection of French spirits to make my favorite drinks in the book.

The Bar Boxes are available now at K & L Wine Merchants, whose box includes Armagnac, Calvados, Byrrh apéritif, and green Chartreuse. The box at Slope Cellars includes Citadelle gin, Forthave Spirits apéritif, Old Forester Rye, and Dolin red vermouth de Chambéry. Both boxes are available for in-store pick up or for delivery. Check the websites for delivery information.

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Please note that events on this page are subject to change and revision. Due to Covid-19, events may have to be rescheduled or canceled. You are welcome to contact the venue before an event to confirm the time and date.






    • Scott Buchanan

    Looking forward to the return of the ‘What I got at the french market” videos

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I had to put a pause on them as I was swarmed by other market shoppers, on several occasions, who were standing and pressing so close to me that I could feel their breath on my face, which was uncomfortable (and unsafe) so was doing my shopping at small stores that sell local and regional produce, such as Terroirs d’Avenir and Au Bout du Champs, rather than at the outdoor markets. I’d like to do videos from those shops since I love what they carry but with Covid, but it’s been a challenge to do on-site videos in Paris with the numbers continuing to rise. Hopefully things will improve soon!

    • Heidi

    Thank you for your schedule! I’m one of the 3 ladies who create the @aperohour Instagram page! I hope someday you’ll be able to visit Portland or Seattle too. You are AMAZING David Lebovitz! Happy travels, have fun and be safe. In other words, keep on keepin’ on!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks so much for being a part of the Apéro Hours! It was fun to meet & connect with so many people and nice to see folks bond during the pandemic, when most of us were stuck at home, creating a community that’s still going strong : )

    • Lynda Todd

    Have you left Paris for good.

    • Evie Lieb

    It will be super to welcome you back to Bakers Dozen, David! We have received your Savory Apéritif Cake recipe. Can you suggest a substitute for the bacon or can it just be omitted without significantly affecting the outcome? Sending thanks and warm regards.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      It can be omitted or turkey bacon can be used for those avoiding pork. (I think they are similar soy products that will also add that smoky flavor too!) Looking forward!

    • Evie Lieb

    Thanks so much for your very quick reply, David!

    • Jana Moore

    Hi. I signed up for your paid newsletter and extra content but haven’t seen anything for weeks. Did I do something wrong?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      You should be getting 1-3 extra missives a month. If you go to this page you should see the newsletter archives. All of the newsletters should be available and visible to you, the free monthly newsletters as well as the others. (To non-subscribers, there will be a little lock icon on those additional newsletters that come out during the rest of the month for paid subscribers.) Substack, my newsletter provider, offers a way to check if your newsletter subscription is active here.

      I do see you are on the paid newsletter list so please check your spam folder. The welcome message you should have received advises subscribers to do that, as well as putting ‘davidlebovitz’ into your “safe” filter, if your email provider offers that. If you don’t see any newsletters in there, please send a message here. Thanks!

    • Ellen N.

    I just read this post, so I’m bummed that I missed the virtual Baker’s Dozen event.

    I was friends with Amy Pressman. She was the cream of the crop as a person in addition to being a gifted chef.

    It would have been nice to see what the group she co-founded is doing now.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Amy was, indeed, very special. She was generous, energetic (I think she was a powerlifter, if I recall?), and a very talented baker. It’s nice to see the Bakers Dozen going strong. You can check out their website and join to get news of events or follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

    • Ellen Grandinetti


    “My Paris Kitchen” was lovely: warm, friendly, helpful … and funny. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life.

    Kind regards.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thank you! So happy you liked the book : )


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