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A whole bunch of work has been going on behind-the-scenes here this spring, and now, the site is now completely mobile-friendly and responsive, meaning that it will adjust to whatever size screen you’re reading the site on; desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Wider spaces and a larger font has been implemented so it’s easier to read, and some of the less-used features (like the Links page) have been moved to the bottom of the screen. Related posts and recipes on the site are now featured below the main post and in the sidebar.

The team at Cre8d gave the site a little refreshing, cleaning things up, sharpening the design and streamlining some of the features..with apologies to them for my inability to read too much code, and my indecision on color shades/fonts, which took much more time than any normal person would take on such a thing : ) Previous posts and recipes are now listed at the bottom of each post as snippets, which will speed up loading times on the site and make it faster to access.


If you visit the blog regularly, you can add my snazzy little icon that to the homepage of your iPhone or iPad:

1. Use a browser to open up the site on your device, not just in Google. You must be in a browser, such as Safari or Chrome for it to work.
2. Click the header on the site, where my name is at the very top to make sure you’re on the Home page of the site, not just the search engine result or an individual page.
3. At the top of the screen on an iPad, bottom on screen on an iPhone, click in the center of the box with a straight arrow pointing directly upward. (Depending on your operating system, it may be elsewhere on the screen.)
4. Click the icon in the bottom row of options with a + sign that says “Add to Home Screen” underneath it.
5. At the next page, you can customize/shorten the name of the icon to your liking.
6. At the very top, right, click “Add” and you’ll get an icon like, or similar to, the one above.

In addition, a few months back I began hearing from people that they had signed up to have blog posts and recipes sent right to their Inbox when I added them, but they’re weren’t receiving them. I’ve updated that and switched to another service that gets the job done right. If you’d like to get posts sent to you as the site is updated, you can sign up for them here. You can also subscribe to my newsletter here as well. (You can get both by checking the boxes in the right sidebar or below each post, too.) No worries if you change your mind later; there is a link at the end of each blog entry and newsletter if you wish to unsubscribe at any time, and we’ll always have Paris.

Excuse any glitches over the next few days that will inevitably pop up and we’ll do our best to get them resolved asap. We’re still moving things around and tinkering (ie: I’m driving them crazy with my notes and ideas) and there’s a bit of a steep learning curve I need to adjust to.

And…while we were doing some housecleaning, I pulled up the very first page and “blog post” (perhaps before the term “blog” existed?), which was posted way back in October 1999…

David first version

Whether you’re a long-time reader, or just visit every so often, thanks for stopping by and reading the site!


    • Liz S.

    Wonderful site updates! Long-time reader, first-time commenter :)

    • Millie | Add A Little

    I love the update David – so clean!

    • Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    Love the look back at your 1999 site! Bring back the whisk ;)

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I’d like to bring back a lot of things from 1999! ; )

    • Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    Great updates and I love the blast from the past!

    • brenda

    David, Ive been dipping into your blog for some time now. you are linked to from my own blog..I just LOVE this new layout..we are in England and love Paris…Oh to return soon…keep up the great work, its fantastic Kind Regards brenda

    • Andrea

    Another long time reader here, although not from back when you had that nice brown theme!

    I just updated my blog too and can totally relate to the serious first world problem of choosing the right font.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      One issue is that various fonts looks different on different browsers (often wildly!) and some fonts don’t support words with accents, and other symbols that are used in French, Spanish, and other languages. And as you know from doing your site, you have to start learning all those things about coding, etc. Glad it’s (almost) over! : )

    • Eva @ Eva Bakes

    Beautiful new design! Love it!

    • Luisa

    I am a long-term reader, well, not so long, just for the last two years.

    I love the way you explain such a technical thing like updating the website (by the way, it looks awsome). You hide nothing… Even if your blog is about food, beverages, recipes, etc, it looks natural in the blog talking about website design.

    So, great work this spring and thanks for the update:)

    • Hillary

    As someone with aging eyes and too many high-resolution Apple products, I thank you for making the font size a little bigger! :)

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, I like that too. If you read the site on an iPhone, you can click the horizontal lines at the top left to get “reader view” and you can also increase the font even more there, too.

    • Jesse

    You’ve come a long way!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, I got another chance to drive another web designer crazy. Check your email – I’ve sent you a green line ; )

    • katie

    Hooray! This looks great. Anything that makes it easier for me to access and read your wonderful recipes is A-OK in my book! Now to pick something to make this weekend…

    • Jill Colonna

    Congratulations, David! This looks fabulous – and no doubt tons of work involved in the background. Beautiful, snazzy site that goes with the personality! Good luck with the techie teething process.

    • Patricia

    It looks great on my Samsung S4! Thanks for the update!

    • Cara

    Love the new look! Will this app be available for Android as well???

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks. This isn’t an app. It’s an icon on your smartphone that’ll take you to the site/blog. I don’t have an Android device, but the previous commenter (thanks Patricia!) noted that it worked on her Samsung. I’m sure there is a way to add the icon to your home screen if you want. You might need to do a Google search to find out how if you’re not sure how to do it.

        • Cara

        Ah I see! Thanks!

    • P Adams

    Lovely update. Thank you for all the work on it. It’s beautiful, stylish and readable. I get impatient with updates that are ever so hip and totally unreadable. Great job from a great fan!

    • Cool beans

    Love the refresher your blog got. I’m glad to see you’ve kept the diary format (please, don’t ever turn this into a magazine blog ;) ) and comment system.
    Simple but functional, I like it!

    • cyndy

    Nice upgrades!

    Will we ever see a time when there is a search function for your recipes, like is on Heidi Swanson’s blog and many others’? I know in the past you have said you cannot go back and catalog all those recipes, but if you started now, we would at least have those going forward.

    Like my tennis coach once said–if you don’t change your forehand grip now, in four years you will still not have the new, better grip. If you do change your forehand grip now, in four years you will be used to a great forehand grip.

    • Claire

    David, I don’t get ” At the bottom of the screen, click where there is a box with an arrow pointing upward”. When I get to the bottom of the screen there’s nothing. Help??

      • Barbara G Young

      You’ll only see the “box with an arrow pointing upward” if you go to David’s website in Safari on an iPhone. If you don’t see it at the very bottom, scroll the page down and it should appear.

    • ItalianGirlCooks

    Looks great, updating is always a good thing…will be good to have the icon on my iphone.

    • Joy

    I love how the new page looks and that a fresh green was chosen for the color. And it does work faster! I especially love the photo of the nectarines. They are my favorite summer fruit. Mmmm. Thanks for all the blog posts and recipes. I am a relative newcomer and have enjoyed trying out some of the recipes.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    cyndy: You can use the search engine at the top of the screen to find recipes on the site. The search engine is geared specifically to search my site. The recipes are also archived on my Recipes page, which is at the top of the screen.

    Claire: I can’t say why you can’t see it but perhaps search on Google for how to do it and there will be detailed instructions with photos or videos. On my iPhone it works. Perhaps you need to update to the latest iOS?

      • Claire

      David: I had to go out of Google and load your site in Safari and then it worked. I have the iPhone6 and the latest iOS. Thanks!

      • cyndy

      Oh, I do apologize! What I really meant to ask was if there would ever be a “Print” function that would allow us to print a recipe without having to copy and paste it into a word doc.

    • Jade DaRu

    Hi David,

    I love the new look. It’s beautiful. I’m trying to add the icon to my iPad (I had the icon from your app on my iPhone but not my iPad) and I don’t have the upwards arrow anywhere on the browser screen on the front page of your site? Any suggestions?

    • Liza in Ann Arbor

    I giggled when I saw the “Things I’m liking” sidebar and they are all your own books! I’m thinking you didn’t intend it that way…

    • Olivia @ livforcake

    Love that picture of the original site from 1999! New design looks great :).

    • AmmaLee

    Feeling like a dinosaur. Even with your clear instructions I can’t figure out how to get the shortcut on my iPad. I don’t see an up arrow at the bottom of the home page.

      • AmmaLee

      Never mind, my husband showed me the box at the TOP of the screen. Got it!

    • Ian Press

    A relative newcomer, three years or thereabouts, and your blog and site are wonderful. An enthusiastic amateur as a cook, somehow the idea of going to restaurants appeals more. I have known France and Paris intimately for years and years – the next time I go to Paris, soon, I shall go to Chez Dumont – Joséphine near Duroc, mentioned by you recently. Thank you.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    AmmaLee, Jade Da Ru: Check out this tutorial. On an iPad, a pop up screen will open with the “add to home page” + icon and may not be at the very bottom of the screen but should be there, as noted in that tutorial.

      • Jade DaRu

      I feel like an idiot. I was looking for an arrow that you put on the site. I know what you mean now and got it! Thanks!

    • Doug

    Love your blog, books, and the new website. Bravo! Have noticed that the font size on the daily emails keeps shrinking – it can’t be that my eyesight is getting worse! :)

    • berit

    Hi David, I viewed your site on my laptop and my HTC one and it looks beautiful on both devices. Well done to you and the experts at Cre8d :)

    • Renee

    It looks great! Congratulations! I’ve seen it on all my devices now and everything works perfectly. So happy for you-I know that working on blog design is always so stressful!

    • Eva

    Congratulations! It looks really great. I updated my site a week and a half ago, so I know how stressful it is (especially when you try to do everything yourself, and accidentally erase your entire website, like me…). So, big thumbs up, hope you attract even more visitors this way!

    • Lisbeth+Thomas

    Long time readers, long time fans, first time commenters. We love the new look, clean, uncluttered and intuitive. We appreciate all that you do and share with us, our trips to Paris are so much better because of you. Also, cannot tell you how many times I have laughed out loud at your humorous comments. You are the best!

    • Barbara

    My Samsung tablet is far, far nicer, in my opinion, than the overly propietary iPad. I can also place an icon fpr your site on my home screen, but it isn’t your snazzy one. Why is that? I read all my recipes on my tablet, and appreciate the font size AND contrast, as opposed to the faddish gray color so many are using. Your site renders beautifully on my 10.5 x 7 inch Android screen! Two thumbs up!

      • berit

      I agree so badly with the font color!!! My favourite beauty blog started using light grey and I felt like my own grand mother when I commented “I am not sure if I am the only one, but for the life of me, I just can’t read it”. And I am only 30 :(

    • Lynn

    Very cool and cleaner — love!

    • Marianne

    The site looks great! Any chance of bringing back the “links” page?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Marianne: The link to the Links page has been moved to the bottom of the screen/page (left). You can access them there now.

    Doug: The size hasn’t changed in them. You might want to check your browser as you may have adjusted the zoom option. (Which I know about, because I’ve done that, too!)

    cyndy: I asked about adding that but in addition to the reasons mentioned previously (about me having to field inquiries why that wasn’t enabled for older posts), it was a major thing to add at the moment and I would have to fill out yet another lengthy form of code when writing a post. There’s a bunch of tech stuff I have to do to create a post, and I’m trying to lessen that so I can concentrate more on doing what I love to do – write, cook & bake, share recipes and take pictures, and adding more to that right now was more than I could take on. We may be able to add that function in the future. Thanks : )

    • Karen Brown

    Oh, this is so snazzy! Now I have the icon on my IPad, I feel like I have you at my beck and call. Do love having a man who’s good in the kitchen at my beck and call. This update is working perfectly for me. Love the new font, so much easier for a woman of a certain age to read.
    Cheers from the South Seas, Karen

    • rainey

    Wonderfully clean and airy looking! Nicely designed.

    • anna@icyvioletskitchen

    neato! looks great!

    • naomi

    The site looks great (and I can see the print better too). I was signed up for the newsletter – do I need to sign up again, or does that happen automatically?

    • Patricia

    David–Wondering how I missed the notice about your upcoming tours.
    I searched through my emails and didn’t find anything, although I may have overlooked it. What is the best way to stay “tuned” for the next tours? Many thanks!

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    naomi: You should be still on that list as that hasn’t changed. I just sent one today which you should have received.

    Patricia: My tours are listed on the page at the site; if you click on Tours at the top of the page, it’ll take you to that page. Most sell-out quickly, but there is information there on how to get on the waiting list.

      • Patricia

      Yes, realize there’s a tour tab on the nav on the top of your page.
      Just thought I had received, in the past, a heads up email when you are taking reservations (could completely be dreaming that up though). At any rate, I appreciate the timely response and will check out the wait list. Thanks again.

      • naomi

      As I haven’t received it, I figure I was dropped (which could happen with all the changes) so I just signed up again. Thanks.

    • Martha in KS

    Love the new update!

    • rcakewalk

    The update is lovely, but for some reason, I can not get far enough down the page before the animated Starbucks ad keeps popping me back to the center of the page where their side ad appears. (On a laptop not mobile.) Anyone else have this problem?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      That’s not supposed to be happening but they are sneaking in there and we’re playing whack-a-mole getting them to stop. Unfortunately it’s happening to a number of websites with ad networks across the internet but we’re all trying to get to the source and block those from appearing, so readers can enjoy our sites. Thanks for your patience while we work!

    • NanPad

    David, Love your work. Loved your previous site better than this version. Please take my comments as gentle constructive ones, meant best for Cred8: The photos in the main section look too large. The white background doesn’t provide “boundaries” and so my eye keeps wandering around outside the margins of the text. The photos in the right sections look too skinny and out of proportion, like Mannerist painting. There is a bit of a blur to some of them, notably your book cover in the top right. I’m viewing this right now on a Dell Desktop HD monitor resolution 1920X1080. On the other hand, the new look is obviously smartphone-friendly and renders as other Web sites do on my smartphone. I understand one of the reasons for your change–Google drops sites in its rankings if the viewer wants to access a site from the her mobile device and that site is not “mobile-friendly” according to Google’s definitions. (And I certainly will not stop viewing your site!)

    • Sarah

    A shame your Paris app hasn’t been up dated too; IT DOESN’T WORK!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Dear Sarah: Thank you for your message, and apologies you were upset enough to write in all caps. When Apple updated their iOS recent, the GPS function many apps, including ours, stopped working. When we learned about it, we contacted the app developers to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Unlike blogs, apps are highly technical and specialists are needed to code them – creating and updating an app has to be done by special app coders. They estimated it would take a week, and it’s taken them a bit longer but it should be fixed shortly and we appreciate your patience as it gets resolved.

      Users of the app are welcome to contact us at Paris Pastry or on the Paris Pastry Facebook page to report technical issues or changes of addresses, which occur from time-to-time in Paris and with over 350 addresses, we do our best to keep up with all of them, but always welcome input from readers as well.

    • S.

    I think I will like the new format, but I have a concern. There are some pages where comments are listed, but can no longer be made. (Have a look at any of the postings in “Baking Tips”, for example) Is this a policy decision, or just a quirk of coding? Help?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Due to spam, unfortunately comments on posts are closed after 30 days. Read more in the comment policy.


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