Les Barres Anti-Stress

anti stress bars

All I can say is—I hope they work…

Les Chocolats Bernard Dufoux
32, rue Centrale
La Clayette
Tél: 03 85 28 08 10

Also available at:

A l’Etoile d’Or
30, rue Fontaine (9th)
Tél: 01 48 74 59 55


  • Chocolate’s in the air – in Paris and in Zurich ! Just did a chocolate roundup on my blog too in fact… And I have to say, tasting multiple bars of chocolate seems to be anti-stress in itself ! No ?! :)

  • hmmm, they look like they work!

  • Oh wow – on my list for our trip this Christmas!

  • Ask any mother of small children if her stash of chocolate chips in the back of the pantry work as anti-stress chips. I’m sure you will hear a resounded yes, especially when paired with coffee.

  • If the chocolate is really good, but the anti-stress effect does not work, you won’t care.

  • hmm, there was something else but my comment has been cut.

    I was saying that if you do not care that the anti-stress effect wouldn’t work (because the chocolate would be really good), then it HAS worked somehow, anyway :D.

  • Good luck. If all else fails, I am sure you can find a suitable red wine pairing. That will do the trick. ;) Michaela

  • David — you’d better test them!

  • I’ll bet they’ll be very popular.

  • How funny! I live 20 km far from the little town of La Clayette (pronounced “la clette”). I have never tasted these particular barres but I can testify their chocolate is VERY good! (Some of my students sometimes offer me some at the end of the school year – they know I love chocolate!). Incidentally, La Clayette is a charming place. Here are some pics of its castle by the lake in its wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Clayette

  • I’m reminded of these molds for PMS chocolates from Candyland Crafts. :)


  • Brilliant! I feel better just looking at them, even from such a distance!

  • Sometimes the answer to stress can be so simple and obvious that it slips right past us! Those look wonderful. If you’re unsure of the results of your tests, please feel free to send some to Yonkers and I will be happy to be your back up.

    By the way, Dave, you’ve created a monster. I keep making Dulce de Leche and it keeps disappearing! I’m trying your brownie recipe tonight and I’m thinking a shortbread and stewed apple dessert for the autumn. The funny side is, I’m not really one for sweets (really good chocolate doesn’t count as a sweet–it’s in a category all it’s own) but this D de L is too delicious to resist.

  • I think I had better test these for David, just to make sure they work.

  • @alice- how did you know about my secret stash of chocolate? And at what age will my children start noticing chocolate on my breath?

  • I’m just going to assume that is a glass of absinthe next to those lovely bars of calmness…

  • I think a couple of those and a glass of Bordeaux, preferably from the Right Bank, will do the trick. How could they not!

  • Oh, I think they will work. And very well indeed. I love the French!

  • I’m partial to a nice barre (maybe because that’s my last name
    and maybe because I love chocolate). Have to agree that there’s
    no risk labeling this “anti-stress.” After all, it’s chocolate!

  • I don’t know if I can agree with the rest of you, they are stress inducing to me, because I can’t have them ;-)

  • Oh god, I need some of those…

  • TGS: Sorry, I think I need them more than you do this week…

  • Are they hoping for some sort of placebo effect?

    Good chocolate always works for me, it is my drug of choice for a quick pick me up and it doesn’t need to be labeled. That and working in the garden.

    I hope you are not stressed David, especially with your baguette store still open.


  • I’m lucky to work in a chocolate fudge factory. Have to confess that I eat chocolate every day but am still stressed out…well…may be just a little bit. Those chocolate looks seriously good!

  • Haha, this reminds me of these little chocolate pills I once saw, with the mention “in case of emergency.” These bars look a lot nicer, though.

  • Did they work David? Did you eat both? (you have to eat both for them to work). If not then buy more and pair them with a good glass of vin. . .with ice, of course!

  • I’d think about taking them with something a little stronger than water. You know, for the full effect.

  • Aloha,

    My Grandmother was Spanish and every time I was upset or worked up {as she put it}, she would give me a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon…. delicious! Lol.

    It worked for me.

    Mahalo, A Beach Girl

  • Can we import these to Australia? Either that, or I will have to bring a huge supply home when I visit next year. I really like the look of these stress relief pills!

  • lesplaisirsduplat: I don’t know where they ship, if at all. But if you click on the link to M. Dufoux’s website, there is an order form. I would imagine overseas shipping is a killer, though, and you’ll likely need a few extra anti-stress bars to recover from how much it’d cost.

    Do visit A l’Etoile d’Or when you come to Paris, though. It’s quite special.

  • Think they have les barres anti-stress for Diabetics? LOL
    seriously David have you ever cooked with a product called Diabetisweet for Diabetics? It is available on in the states and is 10x better a product than Splend (i get splenda headaches)..i love it and I use it oz for oz like sugar.

    I would love it if u would buy a bag and try it then post results…of course only if u wish….but i would love the feedback on what a ‘sweets cook’ thinks

  • I have little experience using alternative sweeteners as most of them don’t exist in France, but welcome readers to leave their notes in the comments when they’ve used them in various recipes

  • I wonder if they really work… hell, I eat enough chocolate for 10 people combined! I wonder if I can get a special order sent to me :P

  • I think nowadays that candy bar is what everybody should have just to lessen the stress that brought about by work & life itself :)