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-This Thursday, April 16th, I’ll be on my publisher’s Instagram Feed at Ten Speed Press I’ll be talking about how to set up your own French bar as well as sharing a classic French apéritif that I’ll be demonstrating, which you can make at home. It’ll be taking place at 10 pm CET which is 4 pm ET, 1 pm PT. Please confirm the time it is where you live with Google or using a time converter if you don’t want to miss it*.

-Thanks for tuning into my daily/nightly Apéro Hour on IGTV, which happens every day except Sunday, live at 6 pm CET, Noon ET and 9 am PT. You can access the live presentations from my kitchen by heading to my Instagram profile at that time, and tapping on my profile picture there, which will have a red ring around it when I’m live.

If you miss it, you can watch a replay either in my Instagram Stories within 24 hours after they occurred using a smartphone or tablet (it doesn’t appear to work on the IG desktop app) or in my IGTV archives. (Note that two-way interviews and discussions that I do with guests can’t be archived in the IGTV archives.) For more info on accessing the daily Apéro Hours, check my post here.

-This week’s line up for my Apéro Hour:

Monday: The Truth Serum cocktail with Chartreuse, fresh mint, and tequila.

Tuesday: I’ll be doing a Live Q+A Session and booksigning. For the book signing, I have book plates that I’ll be autographing and sending to an independent bookseller for fulfillment. If you plan to attend the live event and want a signed copy for Drinking French, please visit this link for information and to purchase.

Wednesday: TBA!

Thursday: How to make the perfect café crème and café au lait with coffee expert David Flynn of Belleville Brûlerie in Paris.

Friday: Spirits writer and bitters & amaro expert Brad Thomas Parsons will be discussing French bitters and making a cocktail with some favorites.

Saturday: After Romain’s popular appearance last week on making herb tisanes, he’ll be back making a classic French café drink.

(Note: Schedule subject to change.)

Paris by Mouth published a list of places that are delivering food in Paris. Terroirs d’Avenir is now delivering excellent produce and meats from local and small-scale farmers, Epicery is delivering from various produce stores (you can use a friend’s promo code here for €5 off), butchers and Juhlès bakery and épicerie, Les Caves de Roy is delivering wine and spirits, and Biovor is delivering panniers of local fruits and vegetables.

Belleville Brûlerie is also offering free delivery during the confinement of freshly roasted coffee from their online store. (Pro tip: If you like strong coffee, their BodyBuilder blend is the one to go with.)

-IndieBound online bookseller has morphed into Bookshop, providing a more streamlined experience for users (yay!) and continues to support local and independent bookstores. You can find Drinking French there as well as other favorite books. Many independent bookstores are remaining open so feel free to contact one near you to purchase a copy. You can also get the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which also has autographed copies of Drinking French.

-Californians! My friends Michael and Sylvie Sullivan of Beaune Imports are offering special ‘shelter-in-place’ cases of French and Italian wines are greatly reduced prices. (Pro top: The mixed case of French wines are the best value, as are the cases of rosé for only $99 – quantities are limited.) I worked with Michael for over a decade at Chez Panisse and he really knows his wine. All his wines are carefully sourced and from small producers who he’s spent years with, importing their wines. Michael supplies wine to the best restaurants in the state and is offering these specials to the public at this time.

They are offering inexpensive flat rate discounted shipping within the Bay Area ($12 flat fee/unlimited cases) and in California ($15/per case), along with free curbside pick-up at their warehouse in Emeryville. Also, if you want to get your hands on some exceptional olive oil and the best anchovies I’ve ever tasted (Chez Panisse now serves them), they are offering a 15% discount on them. For additional ordering and shipping info, or to contact them with other questions, visit the Beaune Imports website here or visit them on Instagram. (Note that prices here are subject to change.)

-Lastly, if you give money to your favorite bar or restaurant via Yelp or Go Fund Me campaigns, many are having trouble accessing the funds. (Yelp has been doing it without the consent of establishments.) If you do want to a make contribution to a bar or restaurant, please do it via their website or wherever they link to on their Instagram pages.

*I put a message on social media about an event last week that it said was happening “today,” which someone from another part of the world said was actually “tomorrow” for them. It’s a challenge – to say the least! – to get all the times and dates right, so please verify for yourself what time and date live events will happen where you live. You can use the alert feature on your smartphone, mark them in your calendar, or use the countdown clocks that I post in my Instagram Stories, if you don’t want to forget ’em. :)



    • Joan Garneau

    Inspiring Drinking French…as I sit on my balcony in Grand Turk…liquor stores closed… and dream. Merci!

    • Claire

    Love your daily instructional podcasts. And Romain is a scene stealer! You have great chemistry together.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, he’s having fun doing them as well. I also think it’s good to add in a “French perspective” on things : )

    • Nancy

    I doubt I’ll ever get to one of your ‘live’ book signings et al, so imagine how wonderful it is to enjoy you ‘live’ on line! (Maybe every cloud does have a sliver lining.. ?) Merci beaucoup :)

    • Angela

    Hello. Loving the book and learning what to do with those lovely bottles of French bottles of aperitifs, though sadly not all available in local super markets. On another note. Can you mail signed copies to France or uk? Would love to send a copy to friend in the uk. (Or have it mailed to me in France).

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Glad you’re enjoying the book! I don’t sell books or send copies but WH Smith in Paris does have autographed copies but they may be closed right now. You may want to check with them.

    • Laurie

    Last night we had French 75s for apero hour followed by pasta Bolognese. We finished off with kitchen sink cookies. Do you see a pattern? David, I think you’re saving our life!

    • Bonnie

    You said this past week on IGTV that Romain’s mother’s chocolate cake recipe is somewhere listed on your blog or in one of your books. Can you please be more specific—where exactly?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      It may be the Gâteau Therese that’s in my book The Sweet Life in Paris. Although I also have her recipe here for French Chocolate Mousse Cake. The latter uses uncooked eggs and some folks, especially in the U.S., don’t like to use them, so the first recipe may be a preferred choice.

    • Bonnie

    Merci beaucoup David!

    • Anne

    I’ve been tuning in to new your Instagram videos each day ever since I caught the very first one by chance. I’m one of the people who is in isolation by myself, and it’s been really great to see you each day (except Sunday). I’m learning a lot and hoping to buy your book soon from an independent bookstore nearby. Thanks so much for doing these live broadcasts, they are a treat to watch!

    • Sandra

    Even though it is 9am here in San Francisco, I am loving your live streams. They help get my day started. Yesterday I received an order from my local wine shop which included Chartreuse and my first bottle of Pineau des Chartreuse. I spent twice as much on that order than my weekly grocery shopping. While preparing a shelter-in-place lunch today, I realized I was making one of your recipes, the tuna and zucchini and cheese casserole. You have become my shelter-in-place shelter. Thank you@

    • Susan Rainey

    I’m enjoying the daily instagrams since hell will freeze over before you come to central N.Y., and I hope they will be a part of future book promotions.

    • Matthew Horovitz

    Is there any way to re-watch the IG Live with David Flynn from Belleville? It was so instructive and now…gone.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Unlike regular “Live” videos the two-way conversations can’t be archived for longer than 24 hours. More here. (I wish they could!)


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