Michel Chaudun

Paris chocolatier…

michel chaudun

Michel Chaudun
149, rue de l’Université (map)
01 47 53 74 40

Michel Chaudun (in Japan)


  • These chocolate look scrumptious! The top picture reminds me of the gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher you can buy in stores.

  • His pavés were my favorite of all the chocolates I tasted in Paris. I’m all for wild flavors and textures in chocolates, but omg, I couldn’t keep away from the pavés! It’s all I can do to stop staring at their pic…

  • such a disarming smile! i agree with nina on the pavés….

  • Hi David,
    Hmmm.. the Tamagawa branch in Tokyo is quite close to my office… I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the Japan link.

  • I visited his shops a couple of years back and was in awe of his creativity and the quality of the chocolate…thanks to a post you had done about him. Thanks for the precious tips, it’s hard to keep up while I am so far away!

  • Are you kidding me. Took the family to Paris two years ago and stayed at a little boutique hotel just down the street from his chocolate shop. Tried some the first day. Needless to say, he was our first visit everyday thereafter. Bought a medium sized box of the Paves every morning and snacked on them as we toured Paris. What an awesome place and incredible chocolates.

  • we sampled his paves at a family friend’s house – it was heavenly!!!! they bought it from japan…. the moment i found this entry i immediately rang my parents to let them know where they can find such heavenly chocolats… and guess what? they ARE going to japan in may haha…

    i wonder why he doesn’t have a french website?

  • I had 30 of Honduras per day here, Michel himself called me Madam Honduras! Best Paves in Paris, Best chocolate in Paris… Grew up with MC chocolates

  • Les petites boîtes abritant 6 petits chocolats en forme de cube sont très mignons. Ces sont mes préférés de tous les chocolats que j’ai goûtés à Paris.

  • I visited Michel Chaudun just on 01FEB2011, after my son having seen a documentary on TV in Malaysia. First of all the shop is so unassuming and having worked, regularly, for some time in Japan, it must be fate that I did not discover this chocolatier when there are 2 shops in Tokyo.

    Yes, it is at a location that most tourists do not pass unless informed. The chocolate, pralines or paves in general taste different, fresh and out of this world. While I cannot say that it is not expensive, but then what is not expensive in gay a’Paris, but I believe there is a price to pay for keeping the quality with limited outlets and to have 2 outlets in Tokyo is proof of it, as the Japanese are discerning chocolate lovers.

    Tres bien Mons. Chaudun