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Certainly one of the most stunning pastry shops in Paris is Sadaharu Aoki. It’s so well-regarded that I ran into a famous chocolatier from the neighborhood during my last visit, who was picking up his goûter, or afternoon snack, as they call it in Paris. We recognized each other and he smiled at me while choosing a Thé Vert Napoléan; layers of vivid green tea pastry cream stacked between dark-golden puff pastry. (In French, a Napoléon is called a mille-feuille.) A wise choice since Sadaharu Aoki is considered the Parisian master of puff pastry. After one buttery, crackly bite…you’d agree.


It was a long and difficult decision, but I chose this perfect Chocolate and Salted Butter-Caramel Tart for my goûter. It was extraordinarily good. Buttery-crisp pâte sucée filled with rich and salty caramel that oozed out when I attacked it with my fork. On top sat a spiral of milk chocolate mousse, so soft and so creamy.

Macaron-lovers will swoon over flavors like caramel and chocolate, but also more creative confections that include yuzu, red bean paste, and green tea.

Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki
35, rue de Vaugirard
56, Boulevard Port Royal

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    • Cristina

    WIGD, my mother brought me back some of Aoki’s macarons, and there was one that was described as “sushi” flavored. It did remind me of raw salmon dipped in soysauce. Very weird. And there was a wasabi flavored macaron, and one that tasted like a Japanese rice crcker. So he is getting into the salt.

    • IKS Liao

    Ditto! We just visited Paris and are already missing it (especially Sadaharu Aoki)! Reading your blog is a true delight and consolation.

    Could I ask a favor? On the morning of our departure we had our last Parisian coffee and Aoki’s pastries from Gourmet Lafayette. We got a napolean-like cake designed to resemble cherry blossoms. It was made of cassis and chocolate, and scattered with fleur de sel. We made a huge mistake of not taking pictures before devouring it. Another pastry we had was a chocolate mousse-like cake with 3 whole marrons…. Could you find out their names (and if possible, photographs,) next time you visit Sadaharu Aoki? THANKS A LOT!

    • keiko

    I really like his classic cakes, but am not sure about his matcha ones.


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