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My new book, L’appart, is out! I wrote a post with the backstory behind the book. (Spoiler: It’s a comedy of errors – mostly mine, with recipes), but here’s a list of book signings and related events that are coming up:

Most were listed on my Schedule page, as well as on my Facebook page, and some of the ticketed events sold-out quickly. However, in every city, there is an event that is free and open to the public. So you’re welcome to come and get your book signed, or just to stop by and say hi. Some of the venues request that you RSVP, so they know how many people to expect.

[Note: The NYC event with Deb Perelman was previously sold out but has been moved to a larger venue and there are now more tickets available.]

If you can’t make it to any of the events, I’ve listed a few bookstores below where you can order a personalized book, and have it sent to you. – david





November 7: Book event at The Powerhouse Arena, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. 7pm – open to all

November 8: Sur La Table demo (4-5pm, sold out) and book signing (5-6pm, open to all), Hearst Store, NYC.

November 9: Book Signing at RJ Julia, Madison, CT 7pm (Free, but registration required)

November 12: Politics & Prose at Union Market popup (1309 5th St NE), Washington, D.C. 9-11am – open to all

November 12: Lunch at Buck’s Fishing and Camping with Joe Yonan, Washington, D.C. 12:30pm (sold out)

November 14: Author lunch at The Whale Wins with Book Larder, Seattle, WA. 12 – 1:30pm (sold out)

November 14: Book Larder, Talk with Molly Wizenberg, Seattle, WA. 6:30 to 8pm. Book signing afterward, 7:45-8:15pm, open to all!

November 15: Book Signing. Fog City News in San Francisco, 1 to 2:30pm.

November 15: In conversation with Joanne Weir and Book Signing at Draeger’s, San Mateo, CA. 7-8pm.

November 16: Book event at Rakestraw Books, Danville, CA. 7pm

November 17: Book signing at Market Hall Foods, Oakland, CA. 4-6pm

November 18: Chat and Book Signing. Omnivore Books in San Francisco, 3 to 4pm

November 20: Sur La Table book signing (7:30-8:30pm), Farmers Market, Los Angeles. Open to all!

November 21: Book signing at Vroman’s in Pasadena, CA. 7pm


December 1: In conversation with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen, and book signing, at 92 St Y, NYC. 7:30pm

December 13: Book signing with Joanne Chang at Flour Bakery + Cafe. 6:30-8pm. This event is free and open to all but it’s requested that you register at the link so they know how many people to expect.

December 14: Chat and cooking with Christopher Kimball at Milk Street in Boston, 6 to 8:30pm (ticketed event, sold out)


A few notes!

If you can’t make it to an event and would like a signed and personalized book, you can order one from Omnivore Books, RJ Julia, or Book Larder, which I’ll sign and the store will deliver right to you. You can contact the stores directly through those links. If you live outside the U.S., Book Depository ships books internationally, although they don’t offer signed copies.

Some bookstores and venues listed above require that you purchase the book at their shop. Check the venue’s website, or call, to find out what their policy is.






    • Taste of France

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. Am alerting francophile friends in the U.S.

    • Jean-Charles

    Any date in Paris?
    Br, Jean Charles

    • Tina

    Please let us know when you will have a signing in paris – merci

    • Debbie

    Yes, when in Paris?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Tina, Jean-Charles and Debbie: WH Smith reached out to me for the launch but since I had already planned to be in the States, we have to push it back until winter or early spring. When we fix a date, I’ll be sure to put it on my Schedule page and make an announcement.

      • Debbie

      Great…an excuse for a visit to Paris!

    • Emilie Quast

    Congratulations on the book! I’ve been hoping you were writing that after reading a few adventures on your blog. Please remind your publicist that there are literate and sophisticated people living in fly-over country who might be enticed to enter a bookstore or a cooking school or (gasp) a book “museum” to hear you speak. We can even find Paris on a map (most of us). [SNIFF!]

      • Susan

      Yes. We’d love to have you in the mid West.

    • Sharona Tsubota

    Any chance you might make it to Reims? I can sweeten the deal with a bottle of grower champagne….

    • Bettina

    Which Sur la Table store LA?? Thanks!

    • Marianne McGriff

    I’m SO excited about your new book, but what about us in the Midwest??????? Do you think if I contact one of the bookstores that you mentioned that they might ship it to me? Of course, I’ll pay for the shipping. Congratulations! Blessings, Marianne McGriff

      • Marianne McGriff

      David, I bought 2 books at Book Larder…Carrie(sp.?) was delightful and very helpful…one is for me and the other one for Darina. She is going to send BOTH to me and I’ll send Darina’s to Ballymaloe. Congratulations on the wonderful response to your book…looking forward to reading it. God Bless, Marianne

    • Ella

    Jamais Canada….

      • Carole Collins

      it is too bad no signed editions available in Canada as you have many fans here as well.

    • Joan Munger

    My pal Amy and I are so looking forward to seeing you in November in Madison CT at RJ Julia bookstore. Enjoy your blog and your quirky and happy view of daily life. Amy plots her frequent trips to Paris based on many of your suggestions. We both loved “The Sweet Life in Paris” and can’t wait to read your new book.

    • Larry Noak

    Just a thought,We read Leibovitz and,cook in Atlanta!

      • Priti Kohli

      I second that! Please come to Atlanta!

    • Christina

    I hope one day you’ll make it to New Orleans!

    • Ttrockwood

    My mom is coming to see you in san mateo, ca! We have both ordered your book already:))
    Congratulations on the book, although you have obviously written more than a few it’s still a reason to celebrate and be proud!
    That’s definitely an intense travel schedule, hopefully you can enjoy local restaurants and bakeries the few days you can catch a break.

    • A

    Maybe in the future you will consider a stop in Providence, a small city with a terrific number of superb restaurants and bakeries.

    • Leigh

    David – your pinterest schedule shows December 1 for the Deb Perelman event, not the 10th. Might want to correct for those who want to print it. Busy schedule, and I know it will be a success. Planning to buy book although can’t attend.

    • erin


    • Betty

    Can’t wait to meet you on December 13th at Flour Bakery in Boston!

    • Scott Joyner

    When will you be in the Midwestern States? Chicago?

    • Brenda

    I love your book My Paris Kitchen. I have made a number of the recipes in it. I hope that your new one will be available in Toronto, Canada soon. I must have it.

    • Renee Ramo

    When will you even come to Pittsburgh?!

    • Judith Gorman

    Another fan from Canada wishes you would come here. How about Toronto?

    • Linda Y

    Hi David! I purchased my book on Amazon and awaiting its arrival. Will it be signed? I will drop by Draegers,
    San Mateo , but the book has to be purchased at the store.

    • Ruby Homawala

    What about a London book tour? It’s only two hours from Paris.

    • Jetgirl

    Outstanding! I pre-ordered the book, and listened to your fantastic interview with Geraldine of Comme une Française…I can hardly wait to read it. I wish you were doing a signing in Denver! We people in between coasts love you too <3

    • Mary

    Happy to see you have a new book out! Even if you didn’t I would be attending the book signing at RJ Julia! Excited for this event! and happy you will be in our state!

    • Sarah Nielsen-Jones

    Congratulations on the new book. Add me to your fans in Canada who would love you to sign some books here. How about Toronto? I’m only a few hours away!

    I’ll be buying your book anyway, even if I can’t meet you in person and have it signed.

    • Gavrielle

    I’m not going to bother asking when your signing dates in New Zealand will be, but I’m very much looking forward to Santa bringing me the book anyway!

    • Mimi Woodham

    Congrats on the new book! Woe is me! No Lebovitz down South? I live in the cutest town in Alabama, Fairhope and only a short drive to New Orleans. Both cities are worth the trip if your ever in the area. We don’t have snow but the greatest white sandy beaches, cocktails for days and unlimited hospitality. I hope your crew makes way for you to visit us some where down South. If you need a host in Alabama, let me know. My porch is awesome for story-telling.

    • Marianne McGriff

    How exciting to have ALL these wonderful affirmations about your new book! I posted before because I live in the Midwest and like so many others, we‘ll miss you! I am going to contact one of the stores above and try to arrange a book signed by you. I will be in Paris next August, but you may be taking a well-deserved vacation as most of the French do in August…God Bless, Marianne

      • Marianne McGriff

      David, I‘d like to send Darina Allen(Ballymaloe where I met you!) a signed copy of your book as a gift. How would I go about this? Should I just order a signed copy when I order mine? I thought you might want to write a personalized message to Darina. Please let me know the best way to facilitate. Blessings on your day, Marianne

        • David
        David Lebovitz

        Hi Marianne – I don’t have a way to ship books but if you contact one of the bookstores that I’ve listed, they should be able to get one to you. And let them know that you’d like it inscribed because often there is a formidable stack of books, so be sure to note that the one you want is for Darina : )

          • Marianne McGriff

          Thanks for your reply…OK…I‘ll let you know which store and when you sign, if you don‘t like „your words“ be sure to change…Darina will be SO excited!!!!! Blessings, Marianne

    • Susan Lagassee

    Cannot wait for Nov 9 in Connecticut!! Will you be carrying your Kig Ha Farz bag?? Susan Lagassee

    • Marie

    You know, I think Montreal would love to have you here. We have good food as well, which is always a plus, no ?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Wish I could go to more places for sure, but there aren’t any free days in November left…except travel days, and after already starting my journey, if someone could find a way to do a book tour and avoid airport security lines and those too-tiny seats I can barely fit in, I’d be able to go to more places.

    I did, however, get to watch three movies that I wanted to see, plus I edited the photos for upcoming blog posts, and delivered some French bread to a friend in the U.S., who was thrilled. So there are some upsides : )

    Some of the places you’ve requested I go to, the lovely folks at my publishers reached out to, and they were unable to be able to plan an event in some of those places. If there is a venue in one of your cities that would like to host me, they can be in touch with the publicists at the email link provided. We might be able to add more places in December, although some places get really busy around the holidays so it’s hard for them to be hosting events.

    (I don’t have a contact for the Canadian publisher, but the venue that I went to in Vancouver closed this year, unfortunately. But my dream is to go to Joe Beef, and eat more of the great food I had last time in Vancouver, so I’m up for it!)

    • Maro Nalabandian

    Love your articles, I can visualize all, wish I was living in Paris as well! Let me know when you are in Washington DC area for a book signing or meeting friends, love to meet up. My tante lives in Aix. I am a retired chef and Master gardener, (not a celebrity) worked at the Ritz Carlton and Citronelle, now trying to write a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cookbook. Any suggestions.

    • Anna George

    Hi David, My husband and I have been huge fans of yours ever since 2011 when I came across your memoir, The Sweet Life in Paris. I had been searching for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, landed on the Smitten Kitchen site, with a recipe she credited to you. The cookies were (and still are) THE BEST! Intrigued, I discovered your blog and promptly ordered your memoir. Loved it. Then passed it over to my husband who read it as we were traveling to Paris for the first time! All a roundabout way of saying: Please come to Toronto!

    • Kate

    Good luck on the tour! I know it will be wonderful!!! I am in Chicago, so no hope for me this time around. I get all of your books so I’m looking forward to reading it!

    Maybe in the future, Chopping Block at the merchandise Mart? They’ve redone their cooking school area and i know they’d love to have you! Plus, our restaurant scene is pretty top notch right now! Au Cheval, Blackbird, Avec, Elske, Mott St, etc and so on…!!! :) Just saying!

    • Darlene

    So no stops anywhere close to the South…what a shame. Direct flights from ATL to CDG every day!

    • Yvonne

    Loved the book, you were brave to be so honest! I hope you were able to get back at your ex-contractor Claude with a hefty bit of sabotage. Hope the book sells well, sounds as if you may have some piled up bills. Am trying your recipe for Swedish meatballs tonite. Bonne chance!

    • Ann

    How about Chicago area? Anderson’s in Naperville does a tremendous job with author visits!


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