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The story was a long time in the making, from deciding to plant roots in Paris, to finding an apartment and tackling a renovation. As often happens, things didn’t quite go as planned. There were obstacles to overcome and I had to expand my French vocabulary. (Who knew there were so many different words for sinks?) There was one too many trips to Ikea, the true relationship-tester, and the story took plenty of twists and turns along the way. And today marks the release of L’appart in paperback, the story of it all.

I also learned how precious friendships and relationships are in France, and how heroes – or héroes – come in many different forms, and can cross cultures. Readers have told me that it’s a real a nail-biter, and  since I’m still trying to grow mine back after chewing mine completely down to the end, so I can’t say, but I do know that the story required chocolate, buttery Breton pastries, almond gratins (which can be made in a toaster oven if you don’t have a kitchen), and a cocktail every now and then. Those recipes are included in L’appart, of course, because you can’t have a story set in Paris that doesn’t include food and drink – right?

If you’d like a personally signed copy, I’ll be doing an event with Justin Spring, author of The Gourmands’ Way in New York City on November 13th at Shakespeare & Co. We’ll be in conversation and signing copies of our books. You’re welcome to RSVP on the Facebook Event Page. If you can’t make it to the event or live elsewhere, you can email the bookstore here and they can arrange for you to receive a signed copy.

On December 2nd, I’ll be at La Cuisine in Paris on December 2nd for a get-together and book signing. There will be treats and libations to celebrate the holidays.

Both events are free and open to all, but due to limited space, for the event at Shakespeare & Co., the store gives priority to those who purchase a book or a gift certificate.

L’appart is now available from your local independent bookstore, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide. Get your copy today!



    • Paula Plum

    There are 7 Flour Bakeries in Boston– which location? Thanks!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I was at Flour bakery for the release of L’appart in hardcover, but won’t be able to make it there this fall, unfortunately. But it’s a great bakery and if live near one, you’re lucky! : )

    • Taste of France

    Congratulations again! There’s nothing better than a story with recipes, or a cookbook with stories.

      • Julie Hock

      I agree, my favourite bed time reading.

    • KB

    You forgot to mention that Amazon also has a Kindle version of your book. That is important for those of us who don’t have the space for paperback books. Of course it is also important for me as I now have trouble reading the print in many paperback books.

    • ann gregory

    David, will see u in New York on Tuesday evening

    • Bkmam

    David, your book *was* a real nail-biter! As someone who had recently renovated a home, I nervously stayed up late to finish reading your story. Congrats on the paperback edition!

    • claire

    Such a well-written and interesting book! I also thought that you exercised heroic self-control in several instances that would have tempted many to spend the entire book doing a character assassination. Congratulations on the new paperback.

    • Vicki

    I’m eagerly awaiting my copy from Amazon to add to my collection of your other books. Looking forward to curling up with this one for sure. Thank you David for all you do. I so much enjoy your blog and your books. Please keep churning them out :-) Congratulations!

    • Amy Wurlitzer Hopkins

    I savored your humorous and inspiring book over the summer. You are full entertainment! I can’t wait for your next book! Your recipes are family favorites.

    • Amy

    I savored your humorous and inspiring book over the summer. You are full entertainment! I can’t wait for your next book! Your recipes are family favorites.

    • Heidi

    I read this recently and I think I’d be in prison for something terrible if I were you! I dunno, did you at least give him a bad yelp review (or the French equivalent)? I am glad I read it. :)

    • Julie Hock

    I love recipe books with stories, I can sit up in bed and enjoy and plan. Will now see if your book is available in Australia, perhaps I can put it on my Christmas gift list. All the best, Julie

    • Janie Sirak

    Congratulations on the paperback release. I have 2 questions… Have you ever eaten at Le Grand VeFour?
    I my 4 or 5 trips to Paris in the last 25 years I splurge for one lunch there. I have never been disappointed no matter how pricey. I recommend it always and suggest that it is not a touristy restaurant but that you might unknowingly be sitting at the table next to the Mayor of Paris ( Does Paris even have a mayor? ). Very, very curious if you have ever been there? Did you love it or think it too overpriced?

    • Janie S.

    Do you think that an American who speaks no French could move to Paris and find a job somewhere teaching the English language? What about an American retired attorney who could work with international or Parisian law firm teaching or assisting with the American specialized vocabulary of law? I am wondering if I could move to Paris not speaking French and earn a living? I know this is not your area of expertise but I would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks David! ( my regular email at is not working at the moment but I hope it will be working by the time you respond to this comment, but that is why I have given you 2 email addresses.) it would not allow 2 email Addresses

    • Mark Steele

    I loved this book. Many gifts to friends.
    I like to think of it as a David Sedaris
    for foodies. David L. , you are such a
    gifted writer. Thanks for this book.

    • Julie Hock

    I have just checked, and the paperback version will be here in Australia early in February. I’m putting my reservation in soon.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Julie: Enjoy the book!

    Mark: Thanks, and glad you found it such a good read.

    Janie S: It’s perhaps possible although if you plan to come and work in France, you will need to find a company that will hire you and do the paperwork required for you to stay. There are various types of visas for France if you are independent. There is information and links about that in my FAQs.

    You can also find some info about moving to France, and working in France here and

    • Janie S

    David, thank you for the information. It was sweet of you to take the time to respond especially when it did apply to your international experience but not specifically your book or baking! I have been a fan for a long time and have some of your books. You have been kind and helpful… Thank you! I am anxious to hear if you have been to Le Grand VeFour… over the years it has always been amazing and the history to it is fascinating…

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Sorry to not respond to that. I’ve eaten there a few times over the years and while the room and experience are wonderful, and memorable, I don’t recall being wowed by the food – but the last time I ate there was a while back. (Although I loved their Gâteau de Savoie, and chocolates, served after the meal.)

    • Janie

    I appreciate your response more than you might imagine. I probably first went there 30 35 years ago ) long before the champagne company bought it. At that time it probably was a lesser known Jewel. All The novels I was reading always had the characters dining at Tour d’Argent or 2 or 3 other famous places. I have only managed to get back to Paris every 5 to 8 years after that. Your response is especially on point because my most vivid memory is not of any particular dish but that the three-course meal was rather a lovely experience and actually had more like seven courses and just one of them was chocolates or truffles. You are probably tired of this next question . . . But I just cannot help myself. . .
    Do you actually have a favorite restaurant?


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