No Foolin’-It Really Is Carrot Cake Ice Cream

ice cream

When I proposed an article to the Los Angeles Times about unusual ice creams, I was surprised when took me up on it. Yikes! So I went to work, inventing recipes for some new flavors, and adding a tangy twist to a frosty favorite.

So no foolin’…if you’re looking for some all-new wacky flavors to churn up, head to my article 31 Flavors? Think Outside the Carton for three new kooky concoctions.

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  • Charlotte
    April 1, 2009 3:42am

    That’s fantastic. I dreamed about carrot cake ice cream last month and spent a week secretly trying various combinations. But my imagination eluded me, and after creating various disgusting mixtures involving raw grated carrots, brown sugar, yoghurt (and once, flour and baking powder) in various combinations, my partner threatened to leave me. And now I have this…

  • April 1, 2009 4:22am

    You probably know this historic recipe, but just in case …

    Cheese (Parmesan) Ice Cream.
    Take six eggs, half a pint of syrup and a pint of cream; put them into a stewpan and boil them until it begins to thicken; then rasp three ounces of parmesan cheese; mix the whole well togetherand pass it through a sieve, then freeze it according to custom.
    The Cook’s Dictionary and House-keeper’s Directory … by Richard Dolby (1830)

  • April 1, 2009 4:47am

    Amazing! Carrot cakes, carrot juice… and tada!!! Carrot ice cream! Can’t wait to try this.

  • April 1, 2009 5:32am

    Oh, the things I could do with a good whacker!!! You have no idea…

    Golly that was fun article, David! The cubed ice cream and multi-cone images are super keen! And, that edible bowl!! Oh honey, you are the naz!!

    I can’t wait to try the Tangy Frozen Lemon Yogurt, and the Carrot Cake Ice Cream! OMG!!! Those yogurt photos look like quenelles of snowy velvet!

    Of course I just bought a bunch of Strauss Family cream, half and half and milk to make a few ice creams from your wonderful book The Perfect Scoop (nothing but the best for YOUR recipes), and now you go and tempt me with flavors I want to try – like, right now! – that don’t require any of those ingredients. Sheesh!!

    But, oh, to feast on the crumbs of your test kitchen. That would be Ambrosia Found.


    ~ Paula

  • April 1, 2009 6:12am

    Carrot ice cream sounds great & looks amazing. I love carrot juice, carrot cake, now I am thinking carrot & ginger ice cream.

    Love your site

  • Sunny
    April 1, 2009 6:56am

    You know, Paula, I think you’re on to something.

    David could auction off the chance to lick the spoons and beaters from his kitchen…with the proceeds going to the charity of his choice.

    Now THAT would be a good auction.

  • April 1, 2009 8:16am

    the composition of the carrot’s cake ice cream seems astonishing :D. I mean, if this is prooved to be an april fool’s thing afterwards, you SHOULD do it seriously anyway :D

    Buckwheat ice cream, hannnnnn
    I’d love to taste once, the nutty flavor of buckwheat with the frosty creamy texture of an ice cream… Damn, if this is april’s fool either, I don’t care, I want some :D !

  • Emily
    April 1, 2009 8:57am

    Please don’t use the word kooky. It’s embarrassing.

  • April 1, 2009 9:05am

    Well, I was going to use non compos mentis, but I wasn’t sure if people would know what that meant.

  • April 1, 2009 9:33am

    The calorie count on the carrot cake ice cream recipe only makes me want it more.

  • April 1, 2009 10:03am

    This all sounds good – wondering if one could smash multiple cloves of garlic with a Wacker – but I am now obsessed with the extra tangy lemon frozen yogurt. I am thinking a Key Lime version with little pieces of Graham cracker crust would not be amiss, either…..

  • A chicette in Paris
    April 1, 2009 10:05am

    Oh wow! That sounds soooooo amazing! I’m totally in!! :-)


  • amy kamm
    April 1, 2009 10:06am

    Oh my !! I can’t wait to try this…just the thing to get my into spring!! Yummy

  • April 1, 2009 11:01am

    You are the man. The. Man.

    carrot cake + ice cream = my idea of heaven

  • Mo S
    April 1, 2009 11:02am

    What does the citric acid do in the lemon yogurt recipe? Just add extra tartness? In the carrot cake recipe, what’s the texture of the frozen carrots like? (Yes, yes, I’ll have to try it for myself and see, but my freezer bowl for my ice cream maker has been temporarily booted out of the freezer because of space limitations.)

  • April 1, 2009 11:09am

    Carrot cake ice cream sounds amazing! You even got whiskey into the ingredients! How could it not be great?

  • April 1, 2009 11:16am

    That DOES sound good! I’m the one who always gets a sample (and sometimes a subsequent cup) of the weirdest flavor available at the gelato shop. And I’ve been wanting to try candying carrots, but mostly because I will candy anything I can get my hands on.

  • Joan
    April 1, 2009 12:33pm

    How did you (or the photographer/food stylist) get the buckwheat ice cream into perfect cubes?

  • Cindy
    April 1, 2009 12:36pm

    Great article! I loved the edible bowls to go with the lemon frozen yogurt. Will you post the recipe for them?

  • April 1, 2009 1:52pm

    Oh very, very nice. Carrot cake is a fave in my household. I am also into the foolery of April Fools. I took my route with cupcakes and a master plan to play a joke on my children.

  • sbp
    April 1, 2009 2:17pm

    Loved this article! I also love your recipes, especially for sweets because you do not load the recipes down with excess sugar. Everything I’ve made from your collection has turned out perfectly suited to my tastes, and not overly sweet like I find in many other recipes. When you create recipes such as these appearing in the LA Times, do you increase sugar to cater to wider palates? Does my question make sense? Do you find that recipes might taste better with less sugar, or perhaps those who prefer less sugar have “trained” their taste buds to be satisfied with less sugar? I ask this because I know in the past, I required sugar in my coffee, now I find it disgusting, and I have countless other examples of my taste buds changing to prefer less sweet. Thank you and please accept my apologies for a long-winded question.

  • April 1, 2009 2:55pm

    I love it. IMO the only reason to own an ice cream maker is to make unusual flavors of ice cream — I can buy really excellent chocolate, but carrot cake ice cream can only be made at home. And I think it would make fantastic ice cream sandwiches — maybe with gingersnaps.

  • April 1, 2009 2:58pm

    Joan: I know! I thought those cubes of ice cream were a cool idea. The LA Times has a food stylist, so it was he or she that cut those lovely cubes.

    Cindy: The recipe for cookie cups is in The Perfect Scoop (it’s the same batter as used for the homemade ice cream cones, page 228), and there are lots of other vessels for putting ice cream into, too.

    Kate: That’s a great idea! I think these gingersnaps would be perfect. Will have to try it…

    sbp: I’m not a fan of overtly-sweet things (which people think is funny, considering what I do!) I don’t adapt recipes for the audience of any particular magazine or newspaper audience since when they ask me to do an article, they’re familiar with my style and taste.

    Mo S: It adds a nice little kick of tangyness.

  • sandy
    April 1, 2009 3:40pm

    It is a FABULOUS article and such wonderful decantly delicious inspiration! I am one of the lucky ones to already possess an ice cream machine thanx to you and another article many months ago, AND, of course, your ice cream cookbook…so I already enjoy your delicious inspirations and this is obviously next! Can’t wait to make and eat it! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!

  • April 1, 2009 5:45pm

    Have you had a chance to try the Carrot Cake ice cream at Christina’s in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA?

  • Ms B
    April 1, 2009 7:01pm

    Some time ago, I had a college student intern who worked at Ted Drewe’s, the famous frozen custard stand on Route 66 in St. Louis that specializes in “concretes”, which are frozen custard milkshakes that are so thick, they can be turned upside down in their serving cups without falling out (at least not when it is under 95 degrees out). He had been on staff there for over seven years (a long time in Ted-land) and so was kept on even when the stand was closed from January 1 through late March/early April. During the winter period, he spent his time helping fix equipment . . . and testing new recipes!

    One day he brought the office three different tubs of custard, each of which contained a different version of the “bunnycrete”, which is a vanilla concrete with chunks of carrot cake in it. We were in heaven . . . I recommended the version with the rum soaked raisins!!!

  • April 1, 2009 7:33pm

    I would not eat carrots in an ice cream if I did not see this one!! that pic in the article is COOL!!

  • April 1, 2009 7:39pm

    I love carrot cake. I love ice cream. But this combination? Hmmm. I’ll have to speak with one of the chef’s at at school (I’m a culinary school student).

    If I dare.


  • April 1, 2009 8:36pm

    Marry me David Lebovitz! This is the best invention I have seen in a long time!

  • April 1, 2009 8:56pm

    The carrot cake looks unbelievable. I am going to try that one for sure.

  • April 1, 2009 9:33pm

    This is genius!!!! Wish I had thought of it.

  • Rita Pace
    April 2, 2009 10:44am

    So I’m not sure if this follows blogging etiquette, but I am writing because I had the the honor of working with David almost 20(!) years ago at Monsoon in SF. I was on the wait staff from the restaurant’s debut and so vividly remember David’s gorgeous smile, calm presence, and magical, mystical sorbets. I recently read the NYTimes
    article that he contributed to and had an OMG moment; immediately checking out this website and am hooked! I am no longer in the restaurant business, but really want to express my admiration and respect for David and his work. And oh yes, carrot cake ice cream is my idea of multi-tasking, definitely.

  • April 2, 2009 3:03pm

    That ice cream has a high mmmm factor.

  • April 2, 2009 4:55pm

    Ice cream is one of my favourite things to make and I’m always on the lookout for unusual recipes, so your article was awesome. I’ve never been very fond of carrot cake. Maybe the ice-cream will be what converts me. Well, that or your French-style carrot cake which I have been dying to make FOREVER.

  • April 2, 2009 4:58pm

    re non compos mentis what about nincompoooooooooop??? :P

    I have to make that carrot cake recipe and I am going to use carrot halva!

  • Cynthia
    April 2, 2009 7:08pm

    Oooh baby. I’m in LOVE! What do I need sex for when I can climb into bed with a bowl of carrot cake ice cream!? Major food porn.

  • April 2, 2009 10:31pm

    Great article! I will have to make this recipe – I’m a huge carrot cake fan.

  • April 2, 2009 10:59pm

    oh my goodness, this is a MUST try item. I think I’ll float it in a cup of coffee just because I am so deserving.


    Great article, too!!

  • Suan
    April 3, 2009 12:08am

    I love lemon ice cream. There was a private ice cream shop in the DC area called “Giffords” that made the most fantastic Lemon Chiffon ice cream..but it had a little bit of a bite that has been missing from every other lemon ice cream that I’ve tried. I betcha it was some citric acid. Thanks for this. I can’t wait to try it.

  • April 3, 2009 12:40am

    There is something about carrot cake right now … it is enticing me everywhere on the blogosphere! I gave in and made carrot cake cookies the other day.

  • April 3, 2009 4:36am

    David, I don’t know if it’s the buckwheat pillow I sleep on, your mention of buckwheat galettes, that awesome cubed ice cream photo in the L.A. Times with that luscious sounding recipe or what, but I woke up craving something smooth, creamy, and well… buckwheatie. It looks like I’ll be heading off to whole foods tomorrow for buckwheat kernels.

    Oh, and a spelling correction on my last comment: you are The Nazz!


    ~ Paula

    P.S. I don’t tweet (not yet anyway), but Alton Brown has a great method for storing spices. He acquires small stainless steel canisters (say 1 1/4″ x 3″, something like that), and fills them with the spices, placing a label with the name and date on the lid. He then affixes velcro tape on the bottom of the canister, and runs long strips of the tape vertically down the insides of his cupboard doors, although horizontal strips would work, too).
    It’s an ingenious use of space, and keeps the spices airtight, while maintaining visibility and monitoring freshness.
    I hope this little tip helps, and isn’t redundant.

  • April 3, 2009 4:48am

    Jeez, it’s late and I put the wrong link. Anyways, based on Lord Buckley – yes, but The Nazz as in Bowie’s interpretation in Ziggy Stardust.

    ~ P

  • April 3, 2009 3:37pm

    What a great idea. It looks unbelievable!

  • April 3, 2009 5:07pm

    I can’t wait to try the carrot cake ice cream recipe!

  • gooberngrape
    April 3, 2009 8:34pm

    Hi David!
    i really liked the article in the Times.
    cant wait to make the carrot cake ice cream.
    i’ve been inspired by a sugar/caramel workshop recently– i love candying sturdier fruits or vegs like rhubarb, jicama, coconut, or tiny dice butternut squash to use in desserts.
    here, candied carrots sound v v tasty.

    and what a great bit of synchronicity: i’ve been working through several recipes from the perfect scoop. they’re great.
    roasted banana ic (with peanut butter caramel swirl), toasted coconut ic, creme fraiche ic topped with candied sour cherries, chocolate ic, chocolate sorbet, sour cherry frozen yogurt, vanilla-vanilla frozen yogurt made with my own yogurt, lemon buttermilk sherbert.
    so much fun to crank out quarts of the stuff in my ic maker.

    thanks for more inspiration!

  • April 4, 2009 4:45am

    Clicking on the article right away, can’t wait! I just know that once I do, I’ll be walking out the door to (finally!) buy a transformer for my ice cream maker, that sadly does not work here in Switzerland (bought it in NY). But after your article, and especially with a recipe for carrot cake ice cream, I might even come home with a brand new ice cream maker ! Great article idea…

  • April 5, 2009 5:10pm

    Thanks for the LA Times article. I am vegan, so I recommend the book Vice Cream as a starting point. Bottom line, just substitute raw cashews, soy milk, and dates instead of cream and sugar.

    p.s. A pinch of cinnamon improves nearly any flavor of ice cream.



  • April 6, 2009 4:55pm

    We were so inspired by the ice cream making that we whipped out the old Cuisinart, made some Matzoh Crunch in honor of Passover, and the resulting ice cream was just what we wanted on the first 65 degree New York day. It came out like Heath Bar, but crunchier.


  • April 7, 2009 8:35pm

    Carrot cake ice cream! What an amazing idea! I’m going to go read the article right now….

    I have just begun blogging myself, so if you ever feel like stopping by, I’m at

  • Melissa
    April 14, 2009 2:29am

    I can’t wait to try the Carrot cake Ice Cream but… can I still make this the old-fashioned way, without an ice cream maker?
    Help, I’m a novice at do-it-yourself ice cream.

  • April 14, 2009 3:36am

    Melissa: There’s a link above to my post Making Ice Cream without a Machine, which tells you how to do it. Happy scooping!

  • April 17, 2009 9:12am

    I have made it, it is amazing… really is. I didn’t have pecans, so used hazelnuts and have changed for custard base with a hint of yogurt, but tasted really good, too. And those candied carrots… I was a bit skeptic, but it works!

  • April 18, 2009 5:06am

    This. Looks. Amazing.

    How in the world did you come up with this idea?! I just made a carrot cake, but will have to make the frozen version of it very soon!!

  • July 31, 2009 4:26pm

    I made this for my mom a few months ago, and she absolutely loved it. I don’t like carrot cake, so I didn’t get to taste it. It looked pretty good, though! This recipe is a bit more involved than others, but it seemed to be worth it!! :)


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